AED 150 per person, with a minimum charge of AED 1,050 per class. (inclusive of 5% VAT) Beer is finally being recognized as a premium quality beverage with a huge range of styles and flavours to suit all tastes. It is enjoying a global renaissance and it is also deeply rooted in history. Let our beer sommelier catch you up on some of the exciting brews available in the UAE. Our most popular beer classes include:

Belgian Beer 101
Craft Beer Discovery
Beers That Changed The World
Beer tasting package includes:
  • Sommelier selection of 6 Belgium beers*
  • Sommelier guided tasting and beer lesson lasts 1.5 to 2 hours
  • High quality glassware provided
  • Tasting worksheets and learning aids
*Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and handled with respect to the law. Don’t worry; we choose the drinks, you just need to go buy them. The recommended beverage budget for this tasting is approximately 100 AED  per 2 people.    

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